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Employment Opportunities at Kamnoetvidya Science Academy (KVIS)

วันที่ 22 สิงหาคม 2560

PTT Group, the largest energy and petrochemical conglomerate in Thailand ( and one of the top 100 companies of the world, is fully committed in supporting Thailand to achieve self-reliance in science and technology through quality human resources.

With that in mind, the Power of Learning Foundation was established as a licensed authority to institute a science high school dedicated to this mission. Kamnoetvidya Science Academy (KVIS) accepted its first batch of 72 students in May 2015. Today, the academy's enrollment is at a total of 216 students, offering a specialized curriculum to students from Grade 10-12.

The principal aim of KVIS is to nurture students who are gifted in mathematics and science to reach their full potential, ultimately, to contribute to the country's competitiveness as researchers, inventors, and innovators. In line with the 21st century needs, these talented students undergo an education in English at the academy. The aim is to prepare and equip them with the ability to access global knowledge, to communicate with confidence, and to actively engage and collaborate with like-minded youth, both at local and international levels

KVIS is situated in a research and educational park, in Wangchan Valley, Rayong. The province is located in the eastern part of Thailand, approximately 150 km from Bangkok. 

The school seeks highly qualified applicants in following positions: